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1L – One-to-one lesson
2L – Double lesson

Services (single prices):

Instrumental Carousel: 3x 1L 30 min.: 69 EUR
Instrumental Carousel: 3x 1L 45 min.: 89 EUR
Instrumental Carousel: 3x 1L 60 min.: 109 EUR

10-Lesson-Card: 10x 1L 30 min.: 229 EUR
10-Lesson-Card: 10x 1L 45 min.: 319 EUR
10-Lesson-Card: 10x 1L 60 min.: 399 EUR

1L without contract, 30 min.: 25 EUR
1L withour contract, 45 min.: 35 EUR
1L without contract, 60 min.: 45 EUR

Services (prices monthly)

1L 30 min./week: 74 EUR
1L 45 min./week: 94 EUR
1L 60 min./week: 114 EUR

1L 30 min./fortnightly: 44 EUR
1L 45 min./fortnightly: 64 EUR
1L 60 min./fortnightly: 74 EUR

2L 30 min./week: 54 EUR/p.p.
2L 45 min./week: 64 EUR/p.p.
2L 60 min./week: 74 EUR/p.p.

2L 30 min./fortnightly: 39 EUR/p.p.
2L 45 min./fortnightly: 54 EUR/p.p.
2L 60 min./fortnightly: 59 EUR/p.p.

We have also our key instruments (a piano Yamaha and an electric piano Yamaha) for practising at your disposal:

1 hour: 8 EUR

one evening (mo-fr): 20 EUR

one day (weekend): 50 EUR

one month: 300 EUR

one month (prospective students at the Hochschule für Musik Dresden are entitled to receive a 50 EUR discount): 300 EUR 250 EUR

The annual licence fee for GEMA115 EUR/year (voluntarily)

  • The first trial lesson FREE.
  • A family discount amounts to 10% per full payer2.
  • All the charges ought to be paid monthly (12 times per year).
  • By paying an advance for the whole year there is a claim to a 1/12-discount (one month FREE).
  • Lessons take place according to the Saxon school year.
  • The cancellation period is at least 1 month, till the end of the next month3.
  • Favourable prices and discounts for renting or buying an instrument.


1. The licence fee for an authorized use of copies of little pieces, their parts and whole publications. The payment is not compulsory and it ought to be paid once a year. See details on: www.vg-musikedition.de.
2. Concerns each new pupil – the family member of a discount holder.
3. If the above-mentioned next month is June and the month July overlaps entirely with summer holidays, the cancellation period occurs at the end of July current year.